The most cutting-edge series from the most acclaimed writer of the decade, Mark Millar!

Dive into the wildest imagination and hyper-action where unconventional super-heroes and super-villains stories are told in the unique ironic style that made Mark Millar famous worldwide.

A whole library of titles is available from the early success of Wanted to the new Netflix productions, through the super-hits Kick-Ass and Hit Girl.

Titles brought to screen:

  • WANTED (Mark Millar, J.G. Jones)
  • KICK-ASS (Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.)
  • HIT GIRL (Mark Millar, John Romita Jr.)
  • KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE (Mark Millar, Dave Gibbons)

Netflix tv series and movies adaptations:

  • JUPITER’S LEGACY (Mark Millar, Frank Quitely) – TV SERIES
  • JUPITER’S CIRCLE (Mark Millar, Wildredo Torres – Davide Gianfelice – Rick Buchett, Chris Sprouse) – TV SERIES
  • AMERICAN JESUS (Mark Millar, Peter Gross) – TV SERIES
  • MAGIC ORDER (Mark Millar, Olivier Coipel) – TV SERIES
  • EMPRESS (Mark Millar, Stuart Immonen) – MOVIE
  • HUCK (Mark Millar, Rafael Albuquerque) – MOVIE
  • SHARKEY THE BOUNTY HUNTER (Mark Millar, Simone Bianchi) – MOVIE
  • REBORN (Mark Millar, Jonathan Glapion – Greg Capullo) – MOVIE
  • SUPERCROOKS (Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu) – ANIME

Other top comic series:

  • NEMESIS (Mark Millar, Steve McNiven)
  • SUPERIOR (Mark Millar, Leinil Francis Yu)
  • MPH (Mark Millar, Duncan Fegredo)
  • CHRONONAUTS (Mark Millar, Sean Murphy - Eric Canete)
  • STARLIGHT (Mark Millar, Goran Parlov)
  • PRODIGY (Mark Millar, Rafael Albuquerque)
  • SPACE BANDITS (Mark Millar, Matteo Scalera)

And the new 2018 series: Kick-Ass (reuniting the original legendary duo Mark Millar and John Romita Jr) and Hit-Girl by an international top artists team (among which Jeff Lemire, Kevin Smith, Eduardo Risso, Goran Parlov).